Jane Birbeck drawing at the Moor in Falmouth, 2018.

Jane Birbeck drawing at the Moor in Falmouth, 2018.

streetdraw24 is a simple idea: draw from the streets of your village, town or city over 24 hours then use what you create to do something good.


The concept of streetdraw24 came from an illustration student wandering the streets of Falmouth, Cornwall early one morning, pondering the question, ‘How can illustration be used to do something socially worthwhile?’.

The idea like all good ones is simple: get out and draw where you live over 24 hours and see what good you can do with what you create.

While drawing probably can’t change the world it can help you observe it from new perspectives and relate to where you live afresh, uncovering the unseen and making the ordinary extraordinary once again.

The drawings created, can also help you find ways to make life better in the place you live for those who live there.

With thanks to all our street drawers and to Becky May Photography and Alister Heath LRPS for their beautiful photos.