The first ever streetdraw24 took place in August 2018 in Falmouth, Cornwall.


What We did & Why We did it

The first 24 hour reportage event was a small affair which saw a dozen people - a mix of students, tutors at Falmouth University of the Arts and ‘civilians’ - out and about drawing in Falmouth from noon on 23rd of August to noon on 24th of August 2018. During the event and after images were posted on social media. A month later the group were invited to exhibit their work in the local arts centre.  

street homelessness in cornwall

Along the way funds were raised for a local charity providing services for single street homeless people in Cornwall where rates of homelessness, although improving, are some of the highest in the country.

The drawings and drawers

Below are 24 of the images created during the first streetdraw24 - one for each hour of the day (and night).